We aim to be more than just a manufacturer of carpets and rugs
Textiles & design
since 1929

About louis DE Poortere

Tradition made circular

Since Louis De Poortere debuted in 1929, the family-owned company has been a reference in machine woven carpets and rugs. Decorating homes and businesses with exquisite quality carpets and rugs made in Belgium, the company continues to blend traditional Wilton weaving and modern Jacquard flatweave with trendsetting designs and innovation. Today, in its fourth generation of family ownership, Louis De Poortere challenges the limits of its machines to create exciting new designs and never seen before textures.  In 2023, Louis De Poortere introduced Ecorugs, a moment in the evolution of the business and a positive action to reduce its environmental impact. Using recycled polyester yarn that is reclaimed and given new life through the Take Care Program, Ecorugs is a vision of how tradition can become circular and how Louis De Poortere can play a positive role in a sustainable economy.


The Louis De Poortere philosophy is based on a simple concept : we aim to be more than just a manufacturer of carpets.

In branching into home decorating, we have had to increase our creativity to meet your esthetic requirements, and this has stimulated us to transform generic into magic.

Because people are increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value and comfort for their homes, our designers and technicians have created entire collections that are modern and accessible, and designed to bring you the upmost pleasure.

Because your demands are becoming increasingly specific and your tastes more assured, we have developed bold concepts that are simple and attractive and will enable you to easily reach ultimate sophistication in your floorcovering.

At Louis De Poortere you will find rugs, carpets, stair runners and even border rugs, which you could freely mix and match to make your decorating “home sweet home” experience a pleasure.

Our passion is to offer you this pleasure.


We are taking a step forward onto our ISO 9001 certification process. ISO 9001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for establishing a quality management system. By following these requirements, we continually improve our operational methods to enhance our customers’ satisfaction.

In the context of this continuous improvement, we have written our own Quality Policy down. This policy is set up along three axes, each managed through performance indicators and associated targets:

    • Planting the seeds of our ecological transition. We are aware of our impact on the environment and we make a strong case for this matter. This is why we have decided to develop our Ecorugs collection and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through the use of more sustainable raw materials, by enhancing our production, energy and waste management, and even by collecting and recycling our end-of-life rugs . This journey began with the internal assessment of the life cycle of our products, demonstrating that transitioning to polyester for our Ecorugs range will reduce their carbon footprint by 28% through recycling with our Take Back Program. We are committed to ultimately obtaining recognition for our sustainable efforts through ISO 14001 certification.
    • Ensuring the sustainability of our company. Our family-owned business has always set itself apart through its designs, innovation capacity, and developments while achieving to maintain production in Belgium. To sustain this European production in an ever-changing international landscape, controlling our profitability is necessary and is reflected in numerous concrete actions in our internal processes (development, production, storage, delivery, etc.)
    • Improving communication. Communication is the foundation of any successful project. Since our developments involve numerous individuals from various departments, it is crucial for us to optimize communication. We prioritize it in our strategy and keep ensuring that everyone is well-informed about the company’s projects.