Take Care Program

Take Care is our way to make sure that we share responsibility in extending the life of your Ecorug and reclaiming it for recycling. Making returns easy through Take Care is what’s needed to make the recycling of Ecorugs a possibility: It’s easy for you and puts us in control of the process.

Through Take Care, we can both share a role in giving Ecorugs a circular life.

How it works

Seamless process

01. Maintenance

Keeping your Ecorug looking new is one of the best ways to give it a long life. That’s why we’ve made every Ecorug machine washable and set out the perfect way to care for your new rug in our Take Care guidance.

Please download here our maintenance guide :
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02. Return

Once your Ecorug has reached the end of its time with you, it’s easy to return it. Use the QR code and serial number to arrange a free* return. It’s a simple way to contribute to a more sustainable future.

03. Reuse or Recycle

Once your Ecorug finds its way back to us, we assess it and decide what to do. Rugs in good condition are cleaned, reconditioned and are put up for second-hand sale. Those not able to be sold are sent to our recycling network to be returned to raw polyester material.

*Only free return available for EU countries at this moment (UK incl).

Recycle me

To return your Ecorug for free*, please complete the form with the exact information on the address where we should collect your rug.

To complete the request, please have the label of your rug located on the back. 

Once your request is received, you will receive as soon as possible a return label, the exact date of collect by the carrier and packing instructions.

More questions ?

Check out our FAQ.

These Frequently Asked Questions bring together series of questions and answers which can facilitate the understanding of certain subjects of our Ecorugs and Take Care Program.