Our designers have created an incredibly colorful rug streaked with shades, thoughts of the seabed.
Looking at this subtle mixture we think of the magnificent poem by José Maria de Heredia.

“The sun under the sea, mysterious dawn,
Enlighten the forest of Abyssinian corals. 

And whatever salt or iodine colors,
Cover with dark purple, in sumptuous designs,
The vermiculated background of the pale madrepore. 

With its splendid scale extinguishing enamels,
A large fish sails through the twigs,
In the transparent shade indolently he prowls,
And, suddenly, with a stroke of his fin on fire

He does,
Running a thrill of gold, mother of pearl and emerald.”

Coral is stunningly beautiful. Its unexpected and sophisticated range of colors will embellish the most beautiful interiors. An illustrated phantasmagoria, such is our coral.


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